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The New Book is (Almost) Here

Anchored: The Discipline to Stop Drifting

Anchored is about discipling your life on a wholistic (mind, body, and spirit) level in order to achieve your dreams and enjoy the process.

I wrote the book during my first few years in the Middle East. The drastic shift of pace and culture caused me to re-examine my life and my priorities. The new environment forced me to define and redefine who I am and why I am. The Arabian desert compelled me to reflect my dreams and my methods of pursuing my goals.

Out of it all came this book, a book to share with you some practical skills and mindsets I learned along the way to stop drifting through life, and to be anchored to goals, and dreams that matter.

Coming November 2019

About Lucas

Lucas Skrobot is a communication strategist, content creator, and owner of a brand & media strategy company (Anchored Consulting LLC).

Lucas is an author. He is releasing his first book, “Anchored: The disciple to stop drifting” come November 2019.

Lucas is the founder and host of OWN THE FUTURE, a podcast seeks to explore and understand our stories so that we might own our stories, and own the future. Along with a daily show “Weaver & Loom” that reconnects us with ancient wisdom, stories, and our craft.

Lucas and his family (wife and four boys) live in Dubai, UAE and have been in the region since 2013.

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